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Fertility & Toxicity: Introduction

No doubt, our world is swimming in toxins…which means our bodies are too.

I think of it in terms of too many people streaming Netflix on wifi. Just slows everything down. The task might still happen but your body will have to find alternative pathways, different routes that are probably less efficient and more likely to kick off other issues.

The plastics and chemicals that surround us, inside and out, just make everything our bodies are meant to do a little bit harder. When it comes to fertility, this miraculous ability to create out of nothing, there are so many moving parts and endless opportunities for things to go wrong; these toxins alone can bring everything to a grinding halt. In my mind, it doesn’t matter whether a diagnosis is Female or Male Factor Infertility, whether it’s Endometriosis or PCOS, the first step is always to clean up. See what’s really there, what’s really going on underneath the layer of toxins and gunk that have collected throughout childhood, adolescence and young adulthood.

What does clean up mean? Clean up your home. Clean up your food. Clean up your beauty regime. Clean up your relationships.

Nobody said that being healthy was effortless. Our bodies are not machines, to be exchanged for the newer model every few years. We get one and if we want it to work for us, we have to keep it chugging along.

Are you ready to kick off your fertility journey?

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