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Fertility & Toxicity: Part 1

Food first. Food is a medicine that we take multiple times a day. Food provides nutrients, energy, and information about our world. So before you get to the point of pills, needles, and procedures--- address your food first.

The Mediterranean diet is one of the most studied ways of eating. It focuses on a plant-based, low sugar and clean protein combinations of foods that bring along with them the resources to balance out the inflammation, toxicity, and damage of our modern way of living. Many of my patients also have to be mindful of food sensitivities or allergies, but I see those as potentially changeable factors rather than set in stone, not a ‘never eat again’. A body that is completely intolerant of any food is a body out of balance.

For fertility’s sake (male and female), fats and antioxidants are where to focus. Fats (especially plant-based) are the backbones of our hormones and we all know how important hormones are for baby-making. Antioxidants are how we protect our gametes (eggs and sperm), and given all the toxins we are exposing them to, we need to use our food choices to give them a fighting chance.

Are you ready to kick off your fertility journey?

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