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Fertility & Toxicity: Part 2

The products you bring in to clean your home, the containers you eat and drink from, the soaps and lotions you use on your body all interact with your DNA.

If you are bringing in synthetic compounds, your genes are getting the message that things are pretty toxic out here so maybe reproduction isn’t a safe option. Plus the fact that those chemicals can clog up your normal biochemistry and detoxing them can deplete your nutrient reserves. We have to take toxin exposures seriously because the accumulation of those chemicals over time is the major issue. It’s not about drinking out of a plastic bottle once, or eating farm raised fish at a friend’s dinner party--- it’s about the pattern of information your body is getting over years and years of exposure.

But how to balance detoxing your lifestyle without going off the deep end because we’re so surrounded? Follow the 80/20 rule. If you can follow a clean-living standard 80% of the time, your body has the strength and vitality to handle exposures the other 20% of the time.

This is exactly why so many of my patients get pregnant so easily, even after months or years of trying. When you balance your lifestyle and clean up your environment, you take such a burden off your body.

Your DNA gets the message that it IS safe to function normally and reproduction is a good idea!

Are you ready to kick off your fertility journey?

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