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Fertility & Toxicity: Part 3

You’ve cleaned out the kitchen, the pantry, your bathroom, and the makeup cabinet. What’s next?

Now is the perfect time to employ a few basic strategies and supplements to boost your body’s detox abilities. Thirty days of clean living and detox support before jumping on a hormonal balancing program can provide major leverage to create the healthiest possible baby from the healthiest possible parents all while shortening the time needed to get pregnant.

Important Note: Now (this 30-day Detox) is NOT the time to TTC (Try To Conceive). When you’re detoxing, you’re moving toxins out of storage and into the bloodstream and you don’t want a delicate embryo to be exposed to any of those toxins.

  1. Poop every day (at least). If you’re not, figure out why and fix it. Fiber (my favorite is those ground flaxseeds) and water is a great first step, probiotics are my next recommendation. If you’re not pooping, all those toxins you’re trying to get out of your body are just going to stay there.

  2. Love your liver. The liver is the workhorse of detox, so you can support that organ function by avoiding alcohol, using castor oil packs (see handout), and eating foods that support detox (see handout).

  3. Antioxidants. Big word, but the main thing to know is that it’s your body’s strongest cleanup chemical. What do antioxidants do? Clean and repair. So if you want perfect DNA and nice healthy eggs (and sperm), boost your antioxidant intake by getting at least 5 servings of organic fruits & vegetables every day (frozen berries are excellent).

Are you ready to kick off your fertility journey?

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