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Male Infertility- When Abnormal Sperm Means Early Death

You’re working on growing your family. You’ve quit smoking, you’re eating better and taking your prenatal vitamins.

You’re thinking about that little boy or little girl, and the way your partner is sitting with you and counting ten little fingers and toes. You’re imagining birthday parties, first steps and all those other “firsts” that happen with kids. You see yourself and your partner watching this little person grow.

But if you are reading this, you might have hit some snags on your fertility journey. You might have already seen your doctor, had some tests done. But has your partner been tested yet?

33% of infertility cases are due purely to Male Factor Infertility. Female partners bear the brunt of infertility testing and treatment but your male partner’s sperm has 50% of the responsibility for creating that healthy embryo.

The first step is always to get a semen analysis. Conventional medicine says as long as the count is good, there’s nothing more to worry about; we are believers in a more holistic approach to fertility. We want to know how fast the swimmers swim, whether they are heading in the right direction and whether they are shaped normally. These are all indicators of the health of the genetic material inside the sperm.

While yes, if a couple is using IVF to grow their family, ICSI (taking the genetic material out of a sperm cell and injecting it into the egg) is a common practice that will bypass a lot of the problems associated with an abnormal semen analysis. But ICSI can add an extra $1500 to the IVF bill. And what about people who don’t want to or can’t access IVF?

Did you know that having an abnormal semen analysis means your guy has a higher risk of death than his friend who doesn’t have problems? And if he has two abnormal tests, he is TWICE as likely to die ( That’s the same level of increased risk as a smoker or a diabetic.

After your partner has been tested, see if he needs a referral to a urologist. This specialist will do an exam, order tests and find out why any abnormalities may exist.

Identifying and treating the root cause of those abnormal sperm parameters will absolutely help you get that family you’ve been dreaming about. And it may also give your kids more years with their father.

Are you ready to kick off your fertility journey?

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