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Naturopathic Approach to Fertility Treatments

At Natural Fertility we consider ourselves as experts in fertility. What exactly does that mean and what the heck do Naturopathic Physicians bring to your fertility journey? As it turns out, we are not just experts at fertility, we are experts at whole body health, which is the foundation of all fertility plans.

One of the most important messages we want patients to know: most doctors know very little about fertility! Crazy huh? Fertility is an incredibly complex and delicate biochemical process and there is more about it that we don’t know compared to what we do. True, most doctors know which of the basic hormone tests to order or how to interpret these tests, but most have little to offer beyond IVF if you aren’t getting pregnant. Even if you have a clear diagnosis of endometriosis, PCOS, or Male Factor infertility; the medical community only has information at the tip of the iceberg.

You may be asking yourself: what is so important about having a Naturopathic Physician in my corner? We can help make YOU as healthy a whole person as you can be. When we are seeing a couple for fertility care, our job is to get a clear sense of their overall health.

There is so much more than hormone levels, menstrual cycles and sperm counts when it comes to your whole health. We want to know about your skin (inflammation?), your digestion (nutrient levels, toxicity, underlying illness), and your sleep (cortisol is a hormone too!). Our job isn’t just to help you get pregnant, our job is to help you be as healthy as humanly possible while getting pregnant, staying pregnant and delivering a healthy baby while, by the way, continuing to have a great relationship with your partner.

Do we have large scale double blind controlled studies proving that you following my recommendations will give you a baby? No, but it turns out neither do many IVF clinics.

But did you know that an “excellent” outcome from IVF is anywhere between 17-44% live birth rate?

As we said above, there is so much about fertility that medical providers do not yet know.

We do know the side effects of naturopathic therapies are far better than some of the medications and procedures that IVF patients deal with.

Are you ready to kickoff your fertility journey?

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