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Unexplained Infertility- The Black Hole of Infertility Diagnoses

Infertility can be so hard! When we look at the numbers for the infertile couple, 30% are related to female factor issues, 30% are male and 30% are related to an issue in both partners.

For some couples having a diagnosis or a label can make thing a little bit easier just because they have some sense of what’s going on or maybe how to treat it.

That leaves the other 10% who wind up with the dreaded “unexplained” infertility. They go through all the tests, blood draws, imaging studies just to be told that they can’t find anything wrong and therefore IVF is the only option to have a biological child. This can be utterly devastating (especially for those don’t have IVF as a choice).

BUT this is where Natural Medicine can be such a fantastic option!!

Naturopathic philosophy says that our bodies are able to inherently seek balance. All treatment options are focused on supporting that ability. By bringing balance to our internal and external environments, we can leverage the tendency towards health and optimize our reproductive function. What does this mean in layman's terms?

We start at the foundation! We give your body all the basic building blocks for healthy function and remove as many obstacles as possible. We focus on finding the best possible diet for you (remember, food is medicine we use multiple times a day), dramatically increase levels of antioxidants to protect the DNA in your eggs, and thoroughly detox your home and your liver.

We know that when the clock is ticking, skipping even one month can feel interminable and just wrong. This is about leverage! Before committing to expensive medications and procedures, taking 1-3 months (which happens to be the amount of time needed for eggs and sperm to come to maturity) to balance your hormones, detox your environment and boost your mental health can pay massive dividends.

There are no guarantees in fertility, but the side effects of detoxing, eating better, exercising regularly and preparing yourself mentally and emotionally for your fertility journey are way better than the side effects of most infertility treatments. Take all the time you need to educate yourself on your options and know that there is no one straight path in the world of infertility. Seek out experts and keep asking questions. If your doctor can’t give you time, seek a provider who will!

Are you ready to kickoff your fertility journey?

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